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Ketone Drink Claims to Improve Athletic Ability
Photo by: baranq via ShutterstockHVMN, a San Francisco-based startup, in partnership with the University of Oxford, developed a ketone ester drink.The company claims that the drink, reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration, improves athletic ability, focus, and energy.It contains 120 calories
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British scientists edit embryos to understand why some women miscarry
Photo via MaxpixelScientists from the Francis Crick Institute have modified embryos after fertilization to understand why some women miscarry and to improve in-vitro fertilization (IVF) methods.It is the first time in the UK that researchers have altered human embryos, BBC reported.After fertilizati
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Analysis of Archaic DNA Retells the Story of Human Evolution Afresh
Photo by: Vector Open Stock via FlickrModern humans are believed to have evolved from an archaic lineage that yielded the Denisovans and Neanderthals, but little is known about the evolutional relationships that connect the two groups.Now, a team of scientists from the University of Utah has develop
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Stress from fat shaming can make a person even fatter
Photo by: Pressmaster via ShutterstockThere had been a recent rash of fat-shaming incidents that made the headlines.In the US, Playboy model Dani Mathers was sentenced in May to 30 days of community labor and three years of probation for posting on Snapchat an image of a nude woman with weight issue
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Finding Meaning in Sleep Might Improve How Well People Can Sleep
A new psychological study from Northwestern Medicine in Chicago in conjunction with the Rush University medical facility found that there is a significant point that might impact how well a person is able to sleep.In particular, one’s overall meaning or purpose for life may hold the key to having a
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How to Heal Strained Doctor-Patient Relationship
Photo by: via FlickrA UK study found that almost 15 percent of patients have secretly recorded their visit to the doctor.The act falls under wiretapping in the US, depending on whether the state is a single party or all-party consent state, KJZZ reported.Because exam rooms are protected
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Portuguese Trawler Spots Ancient-Looking Shark with 300 Teeth Lines in 25 Rows
Photo by: Citron via Wikimedia CommonsA rare frilled shark that has remained unchanged for 80 million years was discovered by a Portuguese trawler off the coast of Algarve in Portugal.The fish remained the same, both inside and out, since the time of the dinosaurs.Scientists estimated that the said
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The Dark Side of Indonesia’s New Tourist’s Paradise
Photo by: Vaclav Sebek via ShutterstockThe pristine islands of Raja Ampat are set to become Indonesia’s next top tourist destinations.However, the locals fear that in the push for the white sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, and turquoise water, the government may be failing both them and the envi
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Pleasant feelings, cravings explain why social media is hard to resist
Photo by: Geralt via PixabayThe mere sight of the Facebook logo is enough to bring about a pleasant feeling in social media users.A new Michigan State University study explained why using social media is a hard habit to break for many people.Using social media sites makes people feel good, Allison E
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  Americans consume so many opioids not because they suffer more pain than people in other countries.  It has more to do with the lack of regulation in the US compared to Italy and France and other developed nations. The Washington Post noted that the US has an unusually friendly environment f
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