The Best of Consumer Electronics Show 2017
This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Consumer Electronics Show, a conference that has showcased some of the leading technologies of the past five decades, including the introduction of color TV, the personal computer, and wireless telephones.This year’s show was the biggest yet, organizers s
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Wall Street Embraces an Element of Bitcoin Technology
U.S.banks and other financial institutions remain skeptical about the Bitcoin virtual currency phenomenon, but that hasn’t stopped them from studying and appreciating the underlying concepts.In particular, Wall Street is impressed by Bitcoin’s notion of blockchains, which establish trusted mechanism
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NASA Tech to Power Nissan Self-Driving Cars
Nissan has demonstrated self-driving cars that respond to road conditions and unexpected conditions using artificial intelligence technology developed by NASA.The company’s Seamless Autonomous Mobility system allows self-driving automobiles to share information about accidents, road construction, an
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Carnival to Adopt Virtual Concierge Technology
Passengers aboard Carnival cruises will benefit from wireless hospitality software, the company says.The new system will make its debut on Carnival’s Regal Princess in November.Carnival will issue wearable medallions to passengers, it says, and equip its cruise ships with proximity-tracking sensors.
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Consumer Electronics Show Celebrates 50th Anniversary
This week marks the start of the 50th anniversary of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.Every year for the past half-century, CES has given conference-goers a glimpse of the future.The first CES was held in New York in 1967.Among the marvels on display were black-and-white television
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