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Fox Has Tech on Tap for Super Bowl
등록일 : 2017-01-11 09:40 | 최종 승인 : 2017-01-11 09:40
Anne Taylors

[리서치페이퍼=Anne Taylors 기자] Fox Sports has some high-tech tricks up its sleeve, it says, for coverage of Super Bowl LI.

Among the innovations is a feature called "Be the Player," which allows viewers to get a real-time view from the player's perspective on the field during play.The technology lets viewers get "inside the helmet of any player on the field," said Eric Shanks, president and chief operating officer of Fox Sports.

The technology does not put cameras in players' helmets, Shanks said.Instead, software "stitches together" views from around the field on the fly.It allows viewers to "fly into someone's helmet," he said, and watch plays unfold from that perspective.

Shanks says Fox Sports and technology partner Intel have been testing the technology for three months but have not yet given viewers a taste.The 100 cameras Fox deploys at the Super Bowl will include at least one 8K camera and four 4K cameras, Shanks said, including 24 "pylon cams" in the end zones and more than 90 strategically placed microphones.

Ratings for NFL games declined in the fall of 2016, Shanks says, but says that the rating dip is normal and predictable during election years.He noted that ratings slid slightly in 2012 as well.And this has been no ordinary election. "This unique election cycle clearly has impacted the ratings," he said.

[리서치페이퍼=Anne Taylors 기자]
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