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Augmented Reality as Important as Cell Phones, Apple CEO Says
등록일 : 2017-02-12 00:00 | 최종 승인 : 2017-02-12 00:00
Giselle Rances

[리서치페이퍼=Giselle Rances 기자] Apple is notoriously secretive about future projects, but the company has shown unmistakable interest in the emerging field of augmented reality.

The company has advertised positions for AR engineers and hired experienced talent in the AR field.Moreover, CEO Tim Cook frequently speaks in public about the promise of augmented reality.Whether Apple's explorations of AR will yield fruit in the form of AR glasses, AR-equipped iPhones, or something entirely unexpected, it is clear that Apple is making a strategic investment in the technology.Something is surely in the works.

CEO Cook draws a distinction between modern augmented reality and earlier virtual reality technology. "I'm excited about augmented reality because unlike virtual reality, which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world - but hopefully allows an improvement on what's happening presently," Cook said. "Most people don't want to lock themselves out from the world for a long period of time, and today you can't do that because you get sick from it.With AR you can not be engrossed in something, but have it be a part of your world, of your conversation.That has resonance."

Apple is not the only company to see the world-changing potential of AR technology.Facebook, Samsung, Google, and other tech giants have recently launched AR initiatives.

"The smartphone is for everyone," Cook said. "I think AR is that big.It's huge.I view AR like I view the silicon here in my iPhone.It's not a product per se, it's a core technology."

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