Bike Lanes And "Boulevards" Possible In Cupertino
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Staff from the Capital Improvement Program in Cupertino, California, presented a proposal to the city council involving several proposed bicycle and pedestrian projects.The Program is part of the city budget, which will be voted on by June 20.

Associate civil engineer, David Stillman, described several bike and pedestrian projects as part of the Program, including "bicycle boulevards,"

These boulevards are "intended to connect neighborhoods with schools and arterials," and are expected to cost a total of $1,417,000.

"Basically they're the spider webs to get people out to the destinations and to the major streets.We identified a subset of those bike boulevard to focus on the first year, and we've tried to be equitable as far as the distribution throughout the city," said Stillman.

Another project involves installing bike lanes that are separated from traffic by a six-inch high "island," similar to a curb. The three phases of installing bike lanes like these are expected to cost an overall total of $1.8 million.

Stillman said the projects could be finished within a couple of years, but that could change depending on how happy residents are with the changes in their neighborhoods.

"If folks aren't necessarily happy with what we're proposing in front of their house, then it can draw things out a bit," he said.

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