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Learner data analytics launched by Smart Sparrow
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Geraldine Rodriguez Gian Saldevia

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Smart Sparrow, an adaptive learning company, introduced features of the new learner data analytics intended for its learning design platform that present real-time comments on student's development.The analytics enable faculty members and instructional developers to design the course based on the concepts that challenge students, the course elements that allow for student engagement, and the course experiences that can be enhanced.      

The data system presents three kinds of class reports created to aid the faculty in discovering how students master the subject and in knowing how to help the struggling ones.Through analytics, instructional developers are able to comprehend the efficiency of activities provided within the lessons or individual lessons, and utilize those insights in imparting information about improving lessons continuously. 

Shala Mills, an instructor at Fort Hays State University, states that the Smart Sparrow data analytics has provided her essential insights regarding the amount of time learners devote on a learning activity.At some point, she finds the students sweeping through tasks that she believes would require more reflective thinking and time.In some cases, Ms.Mills admits about being positive about the period it takes the learners to finish an activity than the result revealed through data analytics.Through authentic data about the actual time spent on activities, she can modify the course design which lead to work habits she has been searching for in her students.   

According to Dror Ben-Naim, the CEO and founder of Smart Sparrow, we should not be contented with the increasing enthusiasm of higher education for utilizing data analytics to determine early warning systems and learner advising.Data must reveal how teaching and the learning process can be further improved and how instructional designers continuously develop.What is essential is having a better insight into learners' experience, combined with the means or tools that provide institutions the capacity to produce interactive and personalized learning experiences.The faculty would no longer wait for the end of the semester to identify what is effective in the instructional design.

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