Experimental Tech Speeds Mobile Data
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Japanese researchers have tested a mobile data transmission technology capable of sending and receiving information at least 10 times faster than 5G – the fifth-generation mobile technology that carriers intend to roll out starting in 2020.

Researchers say the terahertz transmitter could transfer an entire DVD in less than a second.The technology will be shared with the tech community at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2017, scheduled for February 5 to 9 in San Francisco.

"Terahertz (frequencies) could offer ultra-high-speed links to satellites as well," notes Hiroshima University's Minoru Fujishima, who contributed to the study. "That could, in turn, significantly boost in-flight network connection speeds, for example.Other possible applications include fast download from contents servers to mobile devices and ultrafast wireless links between base stations."

The experimental transmitter developed by the researchers reached a maximum speed of 105 gigabits per second, they say, using a frequency range from 290 to 315 GHz.These frequencies are currently unassigned by international standards bodies.Their allocation is set to be a topic of discussion at 2019's International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication World Radio Communication Conference.

The researchers are no strangers to high-speed communications.Last year they showed that 300 GHz wireless communication speeds could be boosted with a technology called quadrature amplitude modulation.This year, they were the first to achieve data-transfer rates higher than 100 gigabits per second using a silicon-based transmitter.

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