Google Smart Fabric Powers Levi's Denim Jacket
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Google has partnered with Levi Strauss & create a smart jacket that the wearer control and interact with smartphones.

The $350 denim jacket uses Google's Project Jacquard technology, which the tech giant has been working on since 2015.

The technology employs thin strips of metal alloys along with natural and synthetic yarns.

The result is touch-sensitive interactive fabrics that are connected to a button-size circuit that creates and transmits data to the user's mobile phone or another tethered device.

The smart fabric is washable and the button circuit's battery is said to last two days between charges.

Levi's says purchasers of the jacket will be able to skip songs, make telephone calls, and use Google maps by brushing their fingers against their sleeves.

Google says Project Jacquard technology can be embedded in a wide variety of fabrics, which means future wearable clothing could be in the works – depending in large part on whether the Levi's jacket is a hit with customers.

"Jacquard is a blank canvas for the fashion industry," says the project's website.

"Designers can use it as they would any fabric, adding new layers of functionality to their designs, without having to learn about electronics."

The fabric creates an opportunity for creative developers and application designers too,

Google says: "Developers will be able to connect existing apps and services to Jacquard-enabled clothes and create new features specifically for the platform."

Photo: Paul Townsend/Flickr

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