CEO Bezos Plays Robot at Amazon Conference
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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wore a robot suit this weekend in a photo he tweeted from the company's MARS conference Sunday night.

Despite the name, the company's MARS conference wasn't devoted to planning an expedition to the red planet.In this case, "MARS" was an acronym referring to the technologies discussed in conference sessions: machine learning, home automation, robotics, and space.

The robot suit Bezos wore was designed by Hankook Mirae Technology of South Korea.The manufacturer's website says it stands nearly 14 feet tall.

"Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver?" asked Bezos as the audience laughed.Bezos was referring to the actress who starred in the "Alien" film series.In "Aliens," Weaver wore a robot suit much like the one Bezos modeled at the conference.

One of the attendees at the MARS conference tweeted a video of Bezos wearing the robot suit and making the arms flail around.Other attendees tweeted comparisons of the Amazon founder to everything from a super villain, a character from the "Iron Man' movies, to a power suit intended to equip the exec for world domination.

MARS attendees were also treated to a futuristic high-tech "fireworks" show designed by Intel.Instead of gunpowder and rockets, Intel lit up the sky with hundreds of choreographed drones equipped with colorful LEDs.The drones were programmed with complex trajectories to form moving images and patterns in the Palm Springs, California, sky.

Photo: Jeff Bezos via Twitter

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