Trump Golf Course Sees Drop in Revenue
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A golf course in the Bronx, New York, offers a rare glimpse into President Donald Trump's finances.

The Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point is the newest golf course operated by the Trump Organization, the collection of companies owned by the President but managed by family members since he took office.

Most of the organization's business operations are private, and their finances are not disclosed.But the city of New York owns the new course, which is managed by the Trump Organization under terms of a 20-year contract.

The financial records are therefore public.

Records show that the luxury-priced golf club showed a 12 percent decline in revenue over the 12 months ending March 20167 compared to the preceding year.

Golfers played 26,127 rounds of golf at Trump's Bronx course, the records show - 2,164 rounds, or 7 percent, less than during the previous 12-month period. 

Fewer rounds means a loss of other revenues too.The records show that greens fees dropped 12 percent, snack bar revenues were 26 percent lower, and the club's lucrative banquet business dropped 47 percent, from $837,000 to $444,000.

Total revenues dropped from $8.1 million during the course's first year of operation to $7 million during the second.

"Public courses are more affected by fluctuations in weather than private courses are," says Tom Stine, who runs Golf Datatech in Florida.At private courses, membership dues make up a big chunk of revenues no matter how many rounds of golf are played, while at public courses, fees from game play make up a much larger percentage of revnues.Stine says a one-year drop in revenues could easily be explained by rainy weather.

Others disagree.Donald Trump's politics are notoriously polarizing, and the Bronx course is located in a district that supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election.

"It'd be hard to imagine, with all the controversy associated with the Trump name, that it's not impacting the fortunes of this course," says Geoffrey Croft, president of NYC Park Advocates.

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