Martin Kaymer: Leave Tiger Alone!
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Martin Kaymer has had enough.

The Major champion, currently ranked 53rd in the world, has posted a video on Twitter taking critics to task for piling criticism on Tiger Woods.

Woods, the 14-time Major champion second only to Jack Nicklaus's 18.  was arrested on Monday for driving under the influence.  The former number one player in the world cited a mix of prescribed painkillers for various current injuries as the root of the incident.  A probable cause affidavit stated Woods' blood alcohol level was zero as reported by two breathalyzer tests administered by local police. 

Kaymer a two-time Major champion himself, says he has had enough of the ongoing criticism of Woods.  In his Twitter video, Kaymer said "Obviously a lot of people know what happened to Tiger Woods the last few days, few weeks, and there are so many comments, so many opinions.They are so unfair and very disrespectful in my opinion because everybody who is involved in golf was changed by his legacy, by his play, by so many things that he has done."

Kaymer finished by saying Woods has brought cultures together.He made people of all races follow golf and feel comfortable playing the game.He's inspired teenagers, Kaymer said, and he has inspired every golfer.

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