Bob Lobel Loses Suit Against Boston-Area Golf Club
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The courts ruled in favor of an Auburndale, Massachusetts golf club in a lawsuit brought by sports-media personality Bob Lobel.

Lobel, who has served as a news anchor, NFL and NBA announcer, NCAA Tournament sideline reporter, and Fenway Park public-address announcer, was suing for the right to play at Woodland Golf Club.

Lobel suffers from spinal stenosis, a narrowing of open spaces in the spine that causes pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.Although he can no longer walk without crutches, he uses a special golfcart to help him play. 

Lobel was prevented from teeing up at the club after he was told his vehicle would damage the greens. Lobel sued in response, claiming the course stopped him from playing because of his physical disability.

U.S. District Court Judge F.Dennis Saylor ruled that because Woodland is a private club, it is exempt from the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act, meaning Lobel did not have a legal right to play with his cart.

Lobel was seeking $250,000 in compensatory damages along with an order prohibiting Woodland from future acts of discrimination.

According to the Boston Globe, Lobel hopes to appeal the decision.

Hard time Bob Lobel walking by Patrick Whittemore

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