American Airlines says golfer's clubs unclaimed, not lost
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American Airlines maintained its stand that the golf clubs of professional golfer, Michael Buttacavoli, were left unclaimed at the baggage area, contradicting his earlier statement pertaining to the airline losing his clubs and costing him a chance to play in a U.S.Open qualifier.  

On the early morning of Monday, June 5, Buttacavoli, a member of the PGA Tour Latinoamérica, said he was forced to withdraw from a qualifier scheduled that day at the Jupiter Hills Club in Tequesta, Fla., after American Airlines misplaced his golf clubs.

The 29-year-old Buttacavoli contacted American Airlines via Twitter at 5:55 PM, shortly after his flight from Ecuador arrived in Miami at 4:41 AM.  The airline quickly offered to help find Buttacavoli's bags -- just two minutes after his original tweet.

The tweets between the two parties went back and forth with Buttacavoli saying the airline was too late.He eventually chastised American Airlines for "not doing its job in the first place."  The golfer basically rejected an apology made by the flight carrier.  

Buttacavoli tweeted that he got his clubs back later that same evening, but American Airlines already came out with a statement that debunked Buttacavoli's original claims that the airline lost his property.

An American Airlines representative told Fox News that Buttacavoli's red-eye flight arrived on time. "Our scan data shows that both of his checked bags were on his flight.Both bags came off within the CBP area, since this was an international arrival.  The golf bags were not claimed by the passenger."

The airline further confirmed they delivered Buttacavoli's clubs to him and reached out to him directly regarding the matter.


Photo Source: Alexandre Gouger / WikimediaCommons

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