Strum With Columbia's Southern Guitar Festival and Competition
수정일 2017년 06월 09일 금요일
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The Southern Guitar Festival and Competition is held every year in columbia, as founded by Marina Alexandra, to truly flaunt the beauty of this six stringed musical spectacle.

In today's time, guitars and guitar playing styles are associated with the more audience grabbing feel.There are the likes of funky effects guitars use in pop or electronica, the heavily distorted ones in metal or rock, but then there lies that of the classical style.

Classical guitar is what most skilled guitar players and enthusiasts consider underrated.It is only appreciated by a selected few, so the Southern Guitar Festival and Competition was put together to change just that.

From steel to nylon, Marina Alexandra has brought in talents from Mexico, China, Romania, and the likes to present flamenco performances.It is with flamenco wherein guitar playing gets technical.It requires a certain amount of skill but, when perfected, you're bound to be a show.

Of course despite bringing the classical guitar to the plate for the festival, Alexandra would not like to set aside the mainstream guitar playing.There will be different activities and even tutorials to further improve one's playing or even aid an aspiring musician's future.

The Southern Guitar Festival and Competition rooted from humble beginnings as it was put together by Alexandra and fellow musicians.At first, it was limited to simply guitar performances.Over the course of time, the above mentioned additional activities were soon included in the event.

For information on dates, the event is held on Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11 respectively.


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