Garmin Announces Advanced Smartwatch for Golfers
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Few consumers have adopted wearable technology as enthusiastically as golfers.And why not?Golf watches let players access databases of golf courses and individual holes, track scores, and communicate in-play events on social media.

Garmin has produced watches for golfers since before Silicon Valley coined the phrase "wearable technology." The company's new Approach S60 packs in a wide array of useful features.

The S60 combines the best of Garmin's golf features, including GPS technology to zero in on the location you're hitting from, with the health and training benefits of activity trackers.The result is a single wearable with no-compromise support for golf plus additional features for activity tracking and training.

Garmin's flagship sports watch, the Fenix 5, has all the health-tracking features any golfer could want.The S60 looks just like it, and works like it too - plus the golf features Garmin has pioneered.

The watch features a 1.2-inch display with resolution of 240 x- 240 pixels.Garmin says the battery will last 10 hours when golf functions are engaged, or up to 10 days when used as an activity tracker.

Wearers have access to more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide, plus special features.For example, a feature called PlaysLike helps golfers adjust their swings and club selection based on elevation.Training features analyze the golfer's swing and offer advice.And much more.

The watch is fully plugged into Garmin's Golf app for mobile devices, which means wearers can easily take part in golf-centric social media.The app lets golfers post scores to shared leader boards, compete against friends and strangers who play the same courses on different days, track stats on other players, and more.Of course the watch helps golfers track scores; with the S60, each stroke syncs with the Golf app for immediate update.

Garmin says prices will start at $400 when the S60 goes on sale in June.

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